Paper Submission

Papers should be no longer than 10 pages including all tables, figures, and references but excluding a cover page. Fonts should be in 10 pt. Each submission must include one cover page which should contain:

  • Title of the paper with an abstract of no more than 500 words;
  • A few keywords, from the list above where possible, giving a clear indication of topics;
  • Author names with affiliations, complete postal addresses, and phone numbers;
  • Email address of the contact author.

The proceedings will be published by the Springer. Please click here to get the detailed paper format. All papers should be sent electronically (preferably in PDF) to the Easychair paper management system or through the IIP2018 Website (/iip2018/). All accepted papers will be indexed by EI and Inspec.


Submission Deadline 19 June, 2018
Author Notification
12 July, 2018
Camera-ready Due
30 July, 2018


Accepted Papers

No. Type Title Authors
2 SHORT Design and Implementation of smart home cloud system based on Kinect Xue Bin Tang, Jin Chuang Zhao and Bin Feng
3 REGULAR Energy Conservation for Wireless Mesh Networks: A PSO Approach with Throughput-Energy Consumption Scheme Using Solar Energy Wang Zhe, Li Taoshen, Jin Ye and Ge Zhihui
4 SHORT A detail preserving vector median filter based on texture analysis Ying Pan and Shihui Wang
5 REGULAR Microblog Hot Event Detection based on Restart Random Walk and Modularity Xiaohong Li, Jiheng Gong, Yuyin Ma, Huifang Ma and Na Qin
6 REGULAR Mass-based Density Peaks Clustering Algorithm Xiao Xu and Shifei Ding
7 REGULAR Multi-view Restricted Boltzmann Machines with Posterior Consistency Nan Zhang, Shifei Ding and Jian Zhang
8 REGULAR Improved Ensemble Extreme Learning Machine Regression Algorithm Meiyi Li, Weibiao Cai and Xingwang Liu
10 SHORT Non-uniform noise image denoising based on non-local means Jiaxin Li, Jing Hu, Yanfang Wang, Min Wei and Bin Zhang
12 REGULAR A Texture Synthesis Steganography Scheme Based on Super-pixel Structure  and SVM Weiyi Wei, Chengfeng A, Lizhao Wang and Huifang Ma
15 SHORT Tourist Attraction Recommendation Based on Knowledge Graph Phatpicha Yochum, Liang Chang, Tianlong Gu, Manli Zhu and Weitao Zhang
18 REGULAR Image semantic description based on deep learning with multi-attention mechanisms Jian Yang
20 REGULAR A Byproduct of differentiable neural network — data weighting from an implicit form to an explicit form Tongfeng Sun
22 SHORT Personal Credit Risk Assessment Based on Stacking Ensemble Model Jiayu Yu, Maoguang Wang and Zijian Ji
23 REGULAR A DeepWalk-based Approach to Defend Profile Injection Attack in Recommendation System Xu Gao, Wenjia Niu, Jingjing Liu, Tong Chen, Yingxiao Xiang, Xiaoxuan Bai and Jiqiang Liu
25 REGULAR Attribute Grid Computer based on Qualitative Mapping and Artificial Neural Network Jiali Feng
29 REGULAR A Simplex Method-Based Salp Swarm Algorithm for Numerical and Engineering Optimization Dengyun Wang, Yongquan Zhou and Shengqi Jiang
30 REGULAR Elite Opposition-based Selfish Herd Optimizer Shengqi Jiang, Yongquan Zhou and Dengyun Wang
31 SHORT Obstacle Detection and Tracking Based on Multi-sensor Fusion Shuyao Cui, Dianxi Shi, Chi Chen and Yaru Kang
33 REGULAR Hybrid Pyramid U-Net Model for Brain Tumor Segmentation Xiangmao Kong, Guoxia Sun, Qiang Wu, Ju Liu and Fengming Lin
34 REGULAR The Effects of Fixed-Strategy Agents on Local Convention Emergence in Multi-Agent Systems Tim Borglund, Shuyue Hu and Ho-Fung Leung
35 REGULAR Forward Learning Convolutional Neural Network Hong Hu, Xin Hong, Dan Yang Hou and Zhong Zhi Shi
42 SHORT A Customer Segmentation Model Based on Affinity Propagation Algorithm and Improved Genetic K-means Algorithm Zhang Zili and Zhang Meiyang
43 REGULAR A K-AP Clustering Algorithm Based on Manifold Similarity Measure Hongjie Jia, Liangjun Wang, Heping Song, Qirong Mao and Shifei Ding
44 REGULAR Towards A Modeling Framework of Social Contexts,  Roles and Relations for Acquiring Role-specific Rules Ya Wang, Zhenzhen Gu, Yuefei Sui and Cungen Cao
47 REGULAR A Replay Speech Detection Algorithm Based on Subband Analysis Lang Lin, Rangding Wang and Diqun Yan
48 REGULAR Public Opinion Clustering for Hot Event Based on BR-LDA Model Ni Ningning, Guo Caili and Zeng Zhimin
50 REGULAR A multi-agent framework that facilitates decoupled agent functioning. Dave Russell and Elizabeth Ehlers
52 REGULAR An Insider Threat Detection Method based on User Behavior Analysis Wei Jiang, Yuan Tian and Weixin Liu
53 REGULAR Cooperative Filtering  Program Recommendation Algorithm Based on User Situations and Missing Values Estimation Jian Dong, Ruichun Tang and Geqiang Lian
54 REGULAR Immersive virtual reality utilizing hand gesture capture as a replacement for traditional controls. Jl Gibson and Duncan Coulter
55 REGULAR A Web-based Platform for Segmentation of Abdominal Organs on CT Images Xiaoxia Ning, Xuejun Zhang and Qianmei Yang
56 REGULAR PWA-PEM for Latent Tree Model and Hierarchical Topic Detection Zhuchen Liu, Hao Chen, Jie Li and Yanhua Yu
57 REGULAR Gait Recognition Based on EMG information with multiple Features Yueying Cao and Farong Gao
58 REGULAR Bayesian linear regression model for curve fitting Michael Li
59 REGULAR Automatic driving decision algorithm based on multi-dimensional deep space-time network Jianguo Zhang
60 REGULAR Constrained Probabilistic Matrix Factorization with Neural Network for Recommendation System Gouyong Cai and Nannan Chen
61 REGULAR KPI Data Anomaly Detection Strategy For Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Under Cloud Environment Xu Youchang, Chen Ningjiang and Huang Ruiwei
64 REGULAR Application of skin color model in image segmentation Wei Wei, Tianyong Li and Jinfu Wei
65 REGULAR Short Text Feature Extraction via Node Semantic Coupling and Graph Structures Huifang Ma, Xiaoqian Liu, Lan Ma and Yulin Hu
67 REGULAR A deep learning approach based on CSP for EEG analysis Wenchao Huang, Jinchuang Zhao and Wenli Fu
70 REGULAR A Ciphertext-policy Attribute-based Encryption Based on Multi-valued Decision Diagram Shaowei Zhang, Long Li, Liang Chang, Tianlong Gu and Huadong Liu
72 REGULAR Improved Louvain Method for Directed Networks Lei Li, Xiangchun He and Gh Yan
74 REGULAR Joint Subspace Learning and Sparse Regression for Feature Selection in Kernel Space Chen Long, Zhong Zhi and Zhu Yong Hua
75 REGULAR An Improved Recommender for Travel Itineraries Yajie Gu, Jing Zhou and Shouxun Liu
76 REGULAR Supervised Spectral Feature Selection based on Low-rank Constraint and Adaptive Graph Learning Zhi Zhong
77 REGULAR The design and implementation of the curved road radar early-warning system Jun Wen, Guoen Wei and Runfa Zhu
81 SHORT Using System Dynamics for predicting an organization’s procurement performance Mohammad Hassan Abolbashari, Atefe Zakeri and Elizabeth Chang



Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences